Saturday August 19, 2017

turkeyRoasted Turkey

with Potato Souffle

& Sweet Carrot


beefBeef Bourguignon

With Broccoli Souffle

& Mashed Potatoes


teriyakisalmonTeriyaki Salmon

with Mashed Potatoes

& Spinach Souffle


meatloafMeatloaf Marinara

with Mashed Potatoes

& Spinach Souffle


chickenRoasted Chicken

with Potato Souffle

& Sweet Carrots


Golden Pea Soup

golden_pea                    golden-pea-label                    golden-pea-top

Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle                    chicken-noodle-back                    chicken noodle top

Matzo Ball Soup

matzoball                    matzo-ball-back                    matzo ball soup

Vegetable Soup

vegetable                    Vegetable Soup                    Vegetable Soup Top


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