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Gourmet Kosher is a full-service provider of fine quality kosher foods both fresh and frozen. Each day, up to 20,000 meals are produced in our USDA certified food manufacturing facility that are delivered to super markets, cruise lines, airlines, theme parks, hospitals and many other institutions worldwide. In addition, all our foods are certified kosher by the OU (Orthodox Union).  With a wide range of choices to choose from, our customers can truly, “Live Well, Eat Well and Be Well”.     

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if you're looking for breakfast foods, appetizers, delicious soups, entrees or some delectable desserts, then you've come to the right place. Gourmet Kosher has a wide range of foods for you to choose from made specifically in our own kitchen. 

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To learn more or place an order, call 305.751.7100 or via email at sales@gourmetkosher.us.

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Gourmet Kosher

330 NE 59th Street, Miami, FL 33137, US

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